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Holiday and Harvest Reflections

January 05, 2018
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

In the last few months, as the holidays flew by, my nights and weekends were filled with ugly sweater parties, gift exchanges, and extra family time. At each event there were lots of laughs, faces I missed, and spreads of delicious food. 

It's fun to reflect on the year with lo... Continue reading

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Lessons on Success from America's Farmers

September 26, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

For most of my life, I’ve know my personal definition of success is a bit different than most. In part, that’s what lead me to live out of my car for a year rather than take a full-time office job. But, it wasn’t until I sat down with farmers from across the country that I was... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Roadtrip Why I Farm America's farmers Lessons on Success

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Dennis and Nelda Mitchell

July 17, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Nelda Mitchell grew up on a dairy farm. As a girl, she milked cows twice a day, 365 days a year. “On leap year it's 366 days, and it’s rain, shine, sleet or snow. Ball game, party, whatever, you still had to milk cows.” She recalls.

As she got older, there was one thing she knew for sur... Continue reading

Tags: Mitchell Family Farm Agritourism corn maze pumpkin patch playground cotton peanuts Mississippi family farm farmer Why I Farm

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Crocker Family

July 16, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles, Debbie Crocker never imagined she’d end up a farmer in Oregon. On the other hand, her husband, Collin, never left the family farm he grew up on. 

“Literally, from day one, I never thought about doing anything else.” He says, standing in... Continue reading

Tags: grass mint Debbie Crocker Collin Crocker Oregon farmers hazelnuts pumpkin seed grass seed sugar beet seed

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Kelby & Kathie Iverson

July 14, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

With their faith and family leading the way, Kelby and Kathie Iverson are building a legacy on their ranch in southern Utah. Both grew up with farming and ranching backgrounds, and are eager to raise their own six children with traditions of hard work and love of the land.

“Our operatio... Continue reading

Tags: corn alfalfa cattle ranch agritourism Utah Iverson

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Kyle Wilson

July 14, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Kyle Wilson is proud to honor his family’s traditions and help write the next chapter of their history in agriculture on his southern Utah farm. Along with his wife, Shelley, and their three children, Kyle raises vegetable crops, including heirloom tomatoes, and small livestock.

After K... Continue reading

Tags: Kyle Wilson Eden Valley Produce Utah tomatoes carrots beets sheep pigs young farmer organic

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Gordon Culbertson

July 12, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Gordon Culbertson of Springfield, Oregon has been involved in forestry since he was 12 years old. Although he’s retired from his full-time career, he still has a couple of tree farms and generously shares his expertise with friends and family.

His parents weren’t involved in the industr... Continue reading

Tags: Gordon Culbertson Oregon timber trees forest wood

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Jay & Chyenne Smith

July 12, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Growing up, Jay Smith was always told he could never ranch. Before they met, his wife, Chyenne got an art degree and started a construction company doing decorative concrete floors because it wasn’t possible to make a living riding horses. For years, people said ranching simply wasn’t in their ca... Continue reading

Tags: Chyenne Smith JLazyS Angus Jay Smith Idaho Rancher cattle beef

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Aaron Base

July 12, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

At Oklahoma State University, Aaron Base had professors that told him he’d never be able to farm. His diversified farm outside Geary, Oklahoma is proving them wrong. Today, Aaron and his wife raise a variety o... Continue reading

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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Harry & Ellen Allen

July 11, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

When she was just 19 years old, Ellen Allen’s father passed away. He left her Pocket Creek Ranch in southern Montana, and she was determined to carry on his legacy.

“Dad had such dreams for this place.” She says with a sentimental smile. “It wasn't really mom's cup of tea too much becau... Continue reading

Tags: Montana Ranch Cattle flying Ellen Allen Harry Allen

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Justin Hamilton

July 11, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

When he was a senior in high school, Justin Hamilton’s family moved to a new irrigated ranch near Columbus, Montana. His parents also owned the ACE Hardware store in town. Early in his career, Justin worked all day at the store and did ranch work at night.

Finally, he decided that wasn’... Continue reading

Tags: Ranch cattle alfalfa corn Montana Justin Hamilton
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Brandon & Krista Stauffer

July 09, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Growing up, Krista Stauffer didn’t know much about agriculture. In fact, the only farm experience she had was driving past an old dairy farm in her small hometown. Ironically, today she lives on that exact farm with her husband and their growing young family.

Her husband, Brandon, grew... Continue reading

Tags: dairy Washington jerseys milk The Farmer's Wifee young farmer

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Front Porch Farm

July 08, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Tucked in the mountains of northeast Washington, a little antique shop welcomes visitors to Front Porch Farm. Further down the lane lies the small diversified farm that Dee Acheson and his wife, Liz started nearly 20 years ago.

“We've got kind of a unique situation.” Dee explains. “At a... Continue reading

Tags: cattle hay vegetables small farm Washington local fresh farmers market family antiques Front Porch Farm

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Carol Greet

July 07, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

The Greet family is proud to have four generations on their centennial ranch near Ten Sleep, Wyoming. While old farms and ranches can be found across the country, the Greet’s place is especially unique.

“There weren't a lot of centennial ranche... Continue reading

Tags: Ranch Red Dirt In My Soul Wyoming Carol Greet cattle hay family

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Tony and Linda Schiffer

July 06, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Tony and Linda Schiffer live, work and play in agriculture as a team. In addition to their own ranch, they represent Superior Livestock, are active in industry organizations, and enjoy team roping. They both grew up in ranching families, and have continued in that way of life... Continue reading

Tags: Wyoming cattle land love of the land stewards of the land Tony and Linda Schiffer
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Johh & Janell Reid

July 05, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

More than 40 years ago, John and Janell Reid started their life together outside of Ordway, Colorado. They met at Colorado State University, and were ready to join the ranch John’s parents purchased about 20 years prior.

“I think a fascinating part of the whole story is that John's pare... Continue reading

Tags: Colorado cattle John Janell ranching American Agri-Women

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Ryan Kanode

July 01, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Ryan Kanode still remembers the first time he got to drive the combine as a kid. It was during wheat harvest on his uncles’ farm where he worked in the summer. Now he’s in his sixth season farming and running a chemical business with his uncles in northeast Colorado. “I'd say since I was little,... Continue reading

Tags: Wheat photography Colorado Ryan Kanode

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Jean Lam

June 29, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

After spending five years away from the family farm, Jean Lam returned to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma to continue her family’s tradition of caring for cattle and row crops.

“I went to college for four years and then lived in Washington D.C. for a year. After that, I moved home and realized t... Continue reading

Tags: Jean Lam Oklahoma Agri-Women cattle pasture
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Jim Harper

June 28, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

All his life, Jim Harper of Louisiana has wanted to be a farmer. “My father was a farmer. From the time I was small, following him around and working on the farm growing up, I wanted to be a farmer.” Jim recalls.

Continue reading

Tags: Jim Harper sugar cane soybeans crawfish rice Louisiana

Why I Farm: Jason Anderson

June 26, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

To say that Jason Anderson is passionate about his Louisiana farm is a total understatement. Driving up to his place, it is clear that he takes pride in the crops he produces.

“I grow vegetables.” Jason beams, walking quickly through a large shelter full of tables and coolers. “It’s fun... Continue reading

Tags: Jason Anderson cattle produce Louisiana farmer

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