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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Larry Haworth

April 09, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Between forage crops, almonds and dairy, Larry Haworth has been farming in California all of his life. But he knows if history had played out just a little differently, he may not have had this opportunity. 

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Tags: Larry Haworth Dutra Farms dairy California almonds Why I Farm

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Fred Cowell

April 07, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Hawaii is the only place in all 50 states where coffee is grown. As the general manager of Kauai Coffee Company, Fred Cowell is among a small group of American coffee growers. He's a proud third generation farmer. Although his family has a... Continue reading

Tags: Kauai Coffee Company Fred Cowell Hawaii coffee Kauai coffee beans
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Matthew Sligar

April 06, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Third generation rice farmer, Matthew Sligar grew up in Gridley, California. With a population of just 6,000 people and surrounded by agriculture, Gridley didn’t appea... Continue reading

Tags: California rice medium grain rice Matthew Sligar Rice Farming TV
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Dewey Scott

April 04, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Along with his brother, Linwood, III, Dewey Scott grew up learning the life lessons of hard work and dedication from his father, Sonny, on their North Carolina farm. After high school, Dewey went on to apply those skills as a standout col... Continue reading

Tags: North Carolina sweet potatoes Dewey Scott Scott Farms

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Brooks and Heather Barnes

March 25, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

All his life, Brooks Barnes has known he wanted to be a farmer. “I used to go to the field and ride between my daddy's legs in the combine. I'd take naps there. They couldn't get me away from it.” Brooks recalls. 

In high school, Brooks was a ver... Continue reading

Tags: North Carolina Heather Barnes Brooks Barnes sweet potatoes tobacco corn beans wheat logging

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Rob and Emily Sharkey

March 09, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Growing up in agriculture doesn’t guarantee an easy farming career. Rob Sharkey knows this from personal experience. Although he grew up as the fifth generation to farm his family’s land, he’s had his fair share of challenges. But just like the generations before him, he is prou... Continue reading

Tags: Shark Farmer Rob Sharkey Emily Sharkey corn Illinois farmer Why I Farm

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Lawrence & Meredith Bernard

March 05, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Carl Sandburg is credited with saying, “Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.”


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Tags: North Carolina Meredith Bernard This Farm Wife Farm Life Cattle
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Adam and Kim Baldwin

February 11, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

It’s been said, “If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become.” In 2003, Adam Baldwin chose to accept the challenges of farming when he returned home to McPherson, Kansas.


Growing up, his dad made it clear that i... Continue reading

Tags: Kansas Why I Farm Adam Baldwin Wheat Cattle Corn Kim Baldwin
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Why I Farm: Michelle Miller

February 03, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Personal experience is a powerful teacher. For Michelle Miller, it was what ignited her passion for farming and educating others. Michelle grew up in Wisconsin, where she was involved in 4-H. Her friend had a farm where they would ride horses and do chores after school. They mad... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Michelle Miller Doug Sass Iowa Sheep Lamb Farm Babe
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Chris Breen

January 30, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Some may see being 90 miles away from a Wal-Mart in any direction as a disadvantage, but Chris Breen of Seneca, South Dakota enjoys it. “It's peaceful out here. I like that. Other people call it the middle of nowhere, but I call it the middle of everywhere.”

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Tags: Why I Farm Chris Breen crops cattle trucking South Dakota

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Laura Rutherford

January 29, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Perseverance, community, tradition. For North Dakota farmer Laura Rutherford, these aren’t just words. This is her lifestyle. Raising sugarbeets, dry beans, and wheat with her husband and... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm North Dakota Laura Rutherford sugarbeets dry beans

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Scott Huso and Fred Lukens

January 09, 2017
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

For some, their farming career starts immediately after high school. For two men in North Dakota, the journey to full-time farmers was a little longer.

Fred Lukens grew up on a cattle and grain farm, but by the time he entered college his dad had re... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Why I Farm Roadtrip corn soybeans North Dakota Scott Huso Fred Lukens
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Why I Farm Roadtrip: Dana Dagman

December 21, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Growing up in the suburbs, Dana Dagman never imagined she’d become a farmer. In fact, when she met her husband, Travis, they had no intention of coming back to the family farm.

After graduating from North Dakota State University, she and... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Roadtrip Dana Dagman North Dakota corn soybeans wheat barley

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Rohrich Farms

December 20, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Technology has changed our world in remarkable ways over the last century. New knowledge, touch screens, and more data are part of our everyday lives. Life on the farm is no exception. In North Dakota, the Rohrich family is proof.

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Tags: Why I Farm Roadtrip Tom Rohrich Mark Rohrich Allan Rohrich Prairie Californian North Dakota corn soybeans wheat sunflowers

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Wanda Patsche

December 17, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

They say God has a sense of humor. Looking back over the last 40 years, Wanda Patche believes it’s true.

Raised in town, Wanda was adamant she was not going to marry a farmer. “When I was in high school, my best friend lived on a farm and they had p... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Roadtrip Minnesota Wanda Patsche pigs corn soybeans

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Jonathan and Carolyn Olson

December 15, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Like many young farm kids, Jonathan Olson grew up wanting to farm, following in the footsteps of three generations before him. “As a small child I loved and enjoyed farming. I was excited to have the opportunity. I grew up helping where I could.” He smiles, looking over his fami... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Jonathan Olson Carolyn Olson Minnesota conventional farming organic pigs corn soybeans

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Brian Scott

December 13, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Like many involved in agriculture, Brain Scott considers working on his family’s Indiana farm his passion. When he’s not working in the field with his dad, grandpa, or sons, he’s sharing his love for the lifestyle through Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Brain Scott The Farmer's Life Indiana corn soybeans popcorn waxy corn

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Scott and Jenn Sands

December 07, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

It’s been said that farming isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. That’s certainly true for the Sands family in Indiana. For Scott, Jennifer and their growing family, the farming lifestyle goes back to 1846, when their family farm began. “There’s a history there for sure.” Scott refl... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Why I Farm Roadtrip Sands Family Scott Sands Jenn Sands Indiana Farmers Wife cattle pigs corn soybeans

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Shellie Zweifel

December 06, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

Sometimes it takes moving away to realize that home is where your heart is.

Growing up in southern Wisconsin, Shellie Zweifel was in 4-H and FFA. After high school, she packed up for Iowa State University to study agriculture. “The big dream job was... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Why I Farm Roadtrip dairy Wisconsin

Reflections From the Road: Honoring America's Farmers on Why I Farm Roadtrip

December 05, 2016
Category: Why I Farm Roadtrip

For the past six months, Natalina Sents, an Iowa native, has been living on the road sharing the stories of America’s farmers through blogs and photography on Beck’s Why I Farm Roadtrip. To date, Sents has interviewed more than 70 farmers throughout the Midwest and Northeast,... Continue reading

Tags: Why I Farm Roadtrip Why I Farm Movement Natalina Sents Honoring Farmers Across America

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